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There’s an Easier Way to Finance Your Fix and Flip: Hard Money Loans

Real estate investment is a broad and complex enterprise. Whether operating properties for rental income; purchasing and holding them for value appreciation; or buying and selling tax lien certificates, entrepreneurs understand the intrinsic value of real property. Prominent among such…

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7 Cost Saving Tips for Your Fix and Flip

As an avid flipper, you know that the ability to get quick funding and to save on your costs is the key to making a killing in profits. Unfortunately, many times the simplest fixes turn out to reveal even more…

A Handy Guide to Real Estate Investing for Beginners

A Handy Guide to Real Estate Investing for Beginners Investing in real estate is a way of making a ton of money and getting rich quickly-if done correctly. Here’s a guide to real estate investing for beginners. Are you interested…

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11 Tips to Get Your Fix and Flip Ready For An Inspection

Getting Your Fix and Flip Ready For An Inspection Rehabbing homes is one way of making big profits in real estate investing. However, seasoned real estate investors know that the fix and flip strategy requires a great deal of work….

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7 Things to Consider if Your Property Won’t Sell

The whole goal of a “fix and flip” is to get in and get out in short order with profits intact. Does that mean this positive results always happens? Of course not. In the real world, sometimes properties don’t quickly…

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4 Tips for Flipping a Multi-Unit Property

The challenges of any multi-unit fix and flip are vast. A multi-unit fix and flip is exceedingly more challenging than a simple home that one or two people can fix and flip in a matter of weeks. Companies have to…

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9 Curb Appeal Tips for Your Fix and Flip

Curb Appeal for Your Fix and Flip One of the greatest opportunities for growth in real estate investing is the fix and flip method. However, turning a profit requires being able to renovate the property quickly and being able to…